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We take pride in being a “total solution” as far as outdoor maintenance goes. If there is something you need that isn’t on the list, don’t be afraid to ask your local manager. Depending on the time of year, most likely we can help you out.

Spring Yard Cleanup:

Lawn looking icky? We can clean it up. We use a special dethatching tool to rake up the matted dead layer of grass and debris allowing your lawn to green up both earlier and more evenly. We can either bag or haul away all of the debris. Your lawn will be set for summer.

Option 1: We can clean the leaves out of your landscaping, and haul away sticks and branches too.

Lawn Mowing:

What started it all, our most popular service! We mow, we trim around everything, and we blow off the walkways reliably every week for a great low price.

Option 1: Bi-weekly lawn mowing is available for an extra charge per service (due to length).
Option 2: Sidewalk Edging is something you can add to create that crisp clean look.

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control:

Five applications of fertilizer and broadleaf control properly timed through the season to promote a lush healthy turf and weed control all season long.

Option 1: We offer Lawn Aeration and Over-Seeding as an option to your fertilizing program. Highly recommended, aerating creates paths to your lawns root system infusing air and boosting the effect of the fertilizing program. Over seeding infuses new grass to your existing turf naturally crowding out weeds creating dense green turf.

Fall Yard Cleanup:

A must if you have many trees with leaves, we will mulch and either bag for you or haul away the debris keeping your lawn looking great.

Option 1: We can also clean the leaves out of your landscaping, and haul away sticks and branches.

Snow Care:

Winter? We’ve got you covered. We don’t use snowplows, we exclusively use snow blowers and shovels to provide the detail you expect. We even shovel the walkways and the steps too. Both per service and seasonal pricing are available.

Option 1: Have Ice dams or roof issues? We can rake the snow off your roof eves if too much accumulates. Just give us a call for a quote.
Option 2: Sidewalk salting is always something you can add when we take care of your snow.

We also Offer:

Gutter Cleaning: (usually done during a spring or fall cleanup) We recommend doing this at least once a year to prevent clogs and gutter damage. If you have a lot of leaves doing this both in the spring and fall is not a bad idea.

Hedge and Tree Trimming / Pruning: We can trim your trees back and handle hedges that have become overgrown, and all of the debris. (typically done mid to late summer) We do not remove trees, or tree branches over 3” in diameter.