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Lawn Care Express is more than just providing our customers with a great looking lawn. It’s about active community involvement. It’s about delivering excellent customer experiences. It’s about being part of our neighborhood.


Lawn Care Express is an awesome opportunity for someone who wants more out of their summer.  Run a small local business with the training and backing of an awesome company.  We provide ALL of your  equipment, start-up materials, and a proven system for you to follow.  At the end of the day, you call the shots.  You run your marketing, you hire your employees and you run your business – we’ll coach you through it.


  • We will provide you with a complete set of equipment
  • We provide all of your business and marketing materials
  • You will get your own company cell phone
  • You will get a company iPad with every crew you run
  • We have a corporate call center team to support your business – open 70hrs / week
  • You will have a dedicated GM, who is part of our leadership development team
  • We put on 50 hours of corporate spring training on our systems and methods
  • Lawn Care Express Manager Track will guide what you should be doing every day / week / month to ensure success.
  • Lawn Care Express is one of the best branded businesses in the industry
  • You will get to use our own proprietary routing and customer management software
  • We carry all of the insurances and licenses needed for your business
  • Tap into our experience & culture – we have 35 outlets across MN and WI.
  • Large Accounts:  We have some of the largest property managers in MN using Lawn Care Express.
  • Equipment:  We have tested almost everything on the market, we have rep’s from every manufacturer, and we know what is best for your business.
  • Repeat Customers:  we have the customer experience down, and they come back to us because of our systems.

Contrary to how we might look, we are not a huge company.  We are a tight-knit team of dedicated men and women who dare to dream big.  We accomplish more because we understand that everyone—from Customer to Manager to Technician—is a support beam to our overarching success.  Our team is the best of the best, and we take pride in our work ethic. We are leaders at home, in the field, and in our communities. ”We’re 100% behind you, but ultimately, your success is in your hands.  Do you have what it takes?  If so, we’d love to hear from you.”