About Us

Started by three college friends in Duluth, Minnesota; Lawn Care Express was the company we wanted to hire. Each of us came from a background of property ownership, and struggled year after year to find reliable and affordable lawn and snow care; we finally had enough. No more inconsistent, hard to get a hold of, here-today-gone-tomorrow hired help.

Whether it was the conversation in 2006, or the push mowers we threw in the back of a truck to cut our own lawns, a company was created out of our need. We came to understand our customers because we were our first customers. Friends, family, property managers and real-estate agents we knew seemed to come out of the wood work after finding out about our “in-house” service. Growth came naturally and next thing we knew we had grown to a healthy, customer focused lawn service provider for both homeowners and landlords.

We now service both the Twin Ports and the Twin Cities, and have expanded our services into fertilization and snow care.

We continually thank our customers, friends and families for their support and promise to continue to serve our communities.

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